Katherine Sparrow was born in 1974 in Seattle. She was bald until the age of three, rode around in a red VW bus, and loved putting things in her mouth.

During her formative years she worked on becoming a famous chef with her best friend. They had big plans to open the Bonjour Restaurant, and came up with such hits as Mint-Milk and Everything-Shake. Other experiments, such as pee-lemonade, were less successful.

Katherine spent her summers at camp and Loon lake, developing a life-long love of swimming and balancing on half submerged logs.

In junior high she was unhappy, in high school, a little less so. By college she ate up all kinds of social theory which led to the sad but liberating conclusion that the world, as is, is not doing so well.

She also discovered Octavia Butler, Ursula K LeGuin, and Marge Piercy, also known as the Really Big Influences.

Katherine knew she wanted to be a writer, but didn't know how to make it happen. She wanted it so bad it scared her.

By college's end she'd acquired a fancy piece of paper, an organic futon, and a lovely partner in crime.

She moved back to Seattle, had lots of existential angst, developed a lifelong love of collective houses, and dyed her hair various shades of pink.

After taking part in an infamous globalization protest, it became clear to Katherine that life was short, the world was on fire, and it was time to do what she wanted: write important stories that only she could write. Right around then she also started working with mentally ill people as an advocate and social worker, which is another way of saying she helps people in trouble follow their dreams.

She wrote steadily for a couple of years, and then attended the Clarion West Writer's Workshop, where she learned many excellent things, the best of which was that all writers start out the same way: small and hopeful. Her stories tend to be social science fiction about love, power, truth, rebellion, growing up, and getting free. She especially likes writing books for teenagers, because that's where you get to do big things. She currently lives in San Francisco with her partner, her sister-out-law, a Southern gentleman, and a newly hatched baby sparrow who is as impatient, passionate, and moody as her mom.

The end, for now.