A New Website

Well here we go! A new year with a futuristic title (2015, what?) and a new website made by my illustrious live-in hacker friend (thanks, E).

He and I spent some time last night trying to get a picture of me for this website where I didn’t look incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. We utterly failed. I missed the day in life where I was taught how to be photogenic.

At least I have a picture of a beautiful graffitied sparrow on a green background up top. One of my joys in life is traipsing around cities and finding all the smelly alleyways full of exuberant art. I love the fact that art can be anywhere and everywhere, and that there are people willing to risk their liberty or at least some hefty fines to make the world a lovelier place.

And since you found your way here, please consider following the blog and signing up for newsletter. I promise to be infrequent, brief, and hopefully charming in all my missives. Thanks!


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