Book Release!

Presenting: The Magician’s Mistake, book 1 of The Fay Morgan Chronicles.

Wherein, the immortal Morgan le Fay runs a Wiccan supply shop in Seattle and fights paranormal crime. This is book one, where you meet the gang and shit starts to immediately go south for our dear Morgan. Oh, I have so many fun places I am going to take this series. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Book 1

4 thoughts on “Book Release!

  1. I love your work and super excited that you’re finally realeasing books!

    I have a nook, not a kindle so I cannot read amazon ebooks (without breaking drm). Any chance of this getting in the barnes & noble or kobo stores?

  2. Hi Asher, thanks for this, I mean the part about loving my work. And eventually, yes, I think I’ll do Kobo and Barnes and Noble, too. I’m really new to this game and exploring options and doing the easiest thing of just doing Amazon at the moment. It’s… interesting the ways they have perks to keep you in house and I most definitely have some issues with that, as well as the understanding that I am a very little fish in this pond and trying to do well in it. In any case, I’ll email you the epub :).

  3. I appreciate it! Another option is that Amazon allows publishers to sell ebooks without drm so then people can convert the file into whatever format they want. Apparently, this is only available before the book is published.

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