Pre-order the Dragon’s Secret?

the dragons secret

Pre-order the Dragon’s Secret! Soon to be launched in the world–it should be appearing in ebook-landia sometime next week. It is the sequel to The Magician’s Mistake, and friends, if you are wondering if all is going well in the life of Morgan le Fay, and if her days are pleasant and strife free, I am sad to tell you that they are not. Not only are there roving bands of tourists witches trying to take selfies with her, but there is a man, the man, who is being way too much of a gentleman, and, um, dragons?


And not just any dragons, but Y Ddraig Goch himself: the famed red dragon of Wales and I hate to tell you this but he is doing really bad. Like kidnapped bad. And that’s just the beginning of all the things going wrong for Morgan and her friends as they try to find the missing dragon and unravel the secrets that have been buried and kept hidden for the last eleven hundred years.

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