What I Didn’t Do

Things I didn’t do today because I sat in front of my computer and worked on boring book revisions (and made awesome progress).

1. I didn’t make hot fudge sundaes with caramel and hot fudge sauce and think about my Grandpa, because hot fudge sundaes always remind me of him.

2. I didn’t go to the overcast and windy beach and get sand in all the wrong places.

3. I didn’t read books to my kids and see how the latest Lumberjanes turns out. Man, I love that series.

4. I didn’t fool around on the internet and feel fascinated but then emerge hours later from a fugue state vaguely recalling that there had been a cute dancing baby rhino, maybe.

5. I didn’t watch videos of people making fun of Trump and Hillary since this election year is my Olympics.

6. I didn’t go to that secret hammock down the street and eat all the half-moldy and forgotten strawberries and then take a nap.

7. I didn’t stare at my kids and be absolutely perplexed by how perfect they are in being themselves and how absolutely lucky I am to get to be one of their creators.

But, I got to make my own weird world where strange and cool things happened, so there’s that.

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