Little Apocalypse Cover Reveal!

I have been in love with this cover ever since I got a very rough image of it a while back. There’s something the artist really nails about a feeling of loneliness as well as the uneasy sense that things aren’t quite right. Many thanks to the fine folks at HarperCollins for putting together a cover that feels perfect for the book. And thanks to Middle Grade Mafia for doing the reveal!

Drum roll please… here it is!!

Presenting Little Apocalypse

So, something pretty unbelievable and huge happened, which is that my middle-grade book, Little Apocalypse, is going to be published by the super fine people at HarperCollins. I have been working toward this for so long, and it feels like the shiniest rock in my pocket that I can touch all day long and every time it makes me happy. I can’t even express how much I love this book and how thrilled I am that it is going to be out in the world soon. Cover reveals and more information coming soon….