Little Apocalypse! My book! Wow!

So, every day I’m getting more and more excited about my book, Little Apocalypse, coming out. It is being published by HarperCollins, who have been a real dream to work with. They helped make this book as shiny and perfect as it could possibly be (which is to say, it will still be imperfect and have some errors, I am sure, all of which are my fault).

I am so excited for kids to read this book, in part because it’s the kind of book I really wanted and needed to read as a kid. Without giving a lot away, it has a kind of heroism and friendship that I think is really important. It’s not about being the strongest or bravest, but about seeing people in trouble and doing something about it.

Also, it’s a monster book. With really cool monsters and a whole underground world of monster hunters, resistant movements, and stories that may or may not be exactly truthful. Read it, why don’t you!

Little Apocalypse Review!

One of the fun things about getting a book published is that people read your book before the book is even published (Little Apocalypse is hitting the world March 12th!) And some people even like it! I really love this blog post from the might emma at Books Beyond Binaries, and especially like this part of it:


“My favourite things about this book are that, 1, it was written for book lovers. It has a bookworm MC, features a library in one of its settings, and even some of the most dramatic apocalyptic imagery was book-evocative. 2, it’s a friendship book. There are little hints at romance in places in this novel, but ultimately, it is all in on nuanced, complicated, platonic relationships. 3, the monsters are awesome. 4, the author does not shy away from moral ambiguity in this book, and I love the depth and complexity of that gray area.”


Emma also talks about how this book might have some relevance for queer, non-binary, and trans youth, which makes my heart sing! Read the whole thing at:


Book Launch Party

You, and you, and yes, even you are invited to my super shiny and amazing book launch party for Little Apocalypse! Though the book is coming out March 12th, the event will be a bit later. It will be a party of massive proportions, or maybe I mean I will read a little from the book, take questions, sign some books, and we will all eat cupcakes. It would mean the world if you (yes you!) could make it.

It will take place on March 23rd at 4pm at:

University Book Store
4326 University AVE NE
Seattle WA 98105

Hope to see you there!


The Countdown Begins!

People! Did you know, did you know, did you know that my middle grade book Little Apocalypse comes out in less than a month? It is very very easy to pre-order at anywhere anyone buys books. Here are some lovely things people who know books are saying about it:

“Be prepared to devour this magical, fast-paced adventure about friendship, appearances, and power in one sitting.” (School Library Journal)

“Vivid imagery and plenty of cool monster-fighting sequences.” (Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books)

“Impending danger drives the fast pace of the plot. A darkly magical, high-stakes adventure.” (Kirkus Reviews)