Little Apocalypse! My book! Wow!

So, every day I’m getting more and more excited about my book, Little Apocalypse, coming out. It is being published by HarperCollins, who have been a real dream to work with. They helped make this book as shiny and perfect as it could possibly be (which is to say, it will still be imperfect and have some errors, I am sure, all of which are my fault).

I am so excited for kids to read this book, in part because it’s the kind of book I really wanted and needed to read as a kid. Without giving a lot away, it has a kind of heroism and friendship that I think is really important. It’s not about being the strongest or bravest, but about seeing people in trouble and doing something about it.

Also, it’s a monster book. With really cool monsters and a whole underground world of monster hunters, resistant movements, and stories that may or may not be exactly truthful. Read it, why don’t you!