FAQ’s About My Book Launch Party

Question: Where and when?

Answer: Saturday March 23rs at 4pm at the UW Bookstore (4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105).

Question: Will there be vegan gluten free cupcakes?
Answer: Heck yeah!


Question: Is Katie really nervous and excited?
Answer: Heck yeah!

Question: Are there going to be slinkster-cool Little Apocalypse zines for everyone?
Answer: Heck yeah! And they are so cute.

Question: Can I bring my kids?

Answer: You better! And if they are rowdy, unruly, and disruptive, all the better.


Question: Should those of us who can all go to a pub/restaurant/speakeasy afterwards and party like it’s 2019?
Answer: Heck yeah!

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