Editing Services

I would love to work with you on  developmental edits, copyediting, and/or proofreading, depending on where you are at in your manuscript process. I am also open to brainstorming ideas and pinpointing where your story is not working. In short, I want to work with you on your book or story to make it shine, whatever that work may be. It is one of my great delights to read manuscript and help authors at all moments of their journey.

I bring to the table my experience of over two decades of helping other writers critique, edit, and hone their work. On top of that, I have over forty short fiction sales, a successful self-published urban fantasy series, and a middle-grade novel published by HarperCollins.

I offer very competitive rates: tell me about your project (including current word count), and what kind of help you need, and I will give you an estimate of my rates. I am flexible about working with people at all incomes, so please don’t be shy in querying me and letting me know what economic limits you have. I’m sure we can come up with something that works for everyone. Email contact@katherinesparrow.net for all inquiries.