Little Apocalypse Review!

One of the fun things about getting a book published is that people read your book before the book is even published (Little Apocalypse is hitting the world March 12th!) And some people even like it! I really love this blog post from the might emma at Books Beyond Binaries, and especially like this part of it:


“My favourite things about this book are that, 1, it was written for book lovers. It has a bookworm MC, features a library in one of its settings, and even some of the most dramatic apocalyptic imagery was book-evocative. 2, it’s a friendship book. There are little hints at romance in places in this novel, but ultimately, it is all in on nuanced, complicated, platonic relationships. 3, the monsters are awesome. 4, the author does not shy away from moral ambiguity in this book, and I love the depth and complexity of that gray area.”


Emma also talks about how this book might have some relevance for queer, non-binary, and trans youth, which makes my heart sing! Read the whole thing at: